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“What does your conscience say? ... You must become who it is that you are.”                       

~ Friedrich Nietzsche


Kaushik Chaudhury is a proud son of India. An exemplary citizen in many domains, he has achieved remarkable milestones in environment and social community outreach, and revived India as the face of art and literature through his active association with peer organizations.

 He is a man whose insight, words and actions are a magical fusion of vision and action.


Helping people connect their values to the causes that matter to them is a privilege for Kaushik, with his experience he continue to help social organizations and their good causes by inspiring the joy of giving.

As many organizations across the nation face increasing financial difficulties in the economic downturn, new sources of revenue are integral to organizational and programmatic viability.

Applying for funding has always been competitive. With the current economic downturn,the funding process has become extremely competitive. Funds are not often awarded to the casual amateur applicant -- only the best and most professional applications receive funding in today's competitive market.

Most non-profit organizations whether new or existing do not have the financial resources needed to sustain their organization and not enough to hire a full time consultant or writer for project funding. Research alone, takes many hours to find the correct funding opportunity available for an organization.

Kaushik through his extensive travel into the rural belts of India realize this problem and experience many noble efforts came to an end due to lac of funding. This is what Kaushik never likes to experience again.

Helping hand

Fundraising is one of the most effective tools society have for fostering social change. It provides opportunities for individuals to put their values into action.

Kaushik drawing on his fifteen years of nonprofit management experience, work to foster a world that embraces people for who they are and encourage them to live their dreams. Helping NGO's in fundraising is about building transformative relationships between people, institutions and communities.

As a Fundraising Counselor, Kaushik worked primarily with small to mid-size social change nonprofits, provided support around all major aspects of fundraising.

Kaushik work closely with needy NGO's to identify funding needs and sources, then pursue and secure those funds for the continued success of a variety of programs in health care, education, environmental conservation, workforce development, economic empowerment, social justice, social services, organizational capacity building and general operating support. In addition, Kaushik work with multiple agencies solely to develop and manage social media networks by designing and sharing content that builds the base of supporters, connects them with funders and other community resources and using social media as a fundraising venue.