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“Still this planet's soil for noble deeds grants scope abounding.”

 ~  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe          

Fund Raising Services

 1. Funding Research – Funding research includes researching, contacting potential funding sources and deciding which funding sources are appropriate matches for the organization.

 2. Project Preparation – Project preparation includes creation, gathering of data and reports, editing and completion of the grant proposal/business plan.

3. Project Submission – Project submission includes submittal of a professional, completed  proposal to the funding sources(s) approved by the client .

4. Follow-Up Services – These services are offered to make sure client has received proper funding and knows about any and all conditions of funding and record keeping processes for the purpose of being ready for review(s) from the funding source(s).

5. Fundraising – Present fundraising ideas and innovative ways to raise revenue for the organization.

 6. Government Certifications – Responsible for making sure all appropriate local, state and central applications and correspondence have been completed, submitted and tracked as deemed by the client.

Other Services

 1. Acquiring Individual & Corporate Donors.

2. Annual Fund Support.

3. Corporate Solicitations.

4. Organising Events Related to Fund Raising.

5. Training the Fund Raiser staffs.